Meet some of our local Artisans

The Grapeseed Company

If you’ve stayed at The Hayley Hotel, then you’ve tried our favorite products from Kristin Fraser’s organic skincare line, The Grapeseed Company. Kristin’s story, much like ours, began on the water. She set sail from Boston to the Caribbean where she was inspired by the way local islanders use plants and natural oils and decided to make her own skincare products while she was living on the water. When she finally landed in Santa Barbara she started to experiment with formulas that included grape seeds. Before she knew it her passion project was on its way to being a full-time business, and in 2004 she launched the first vinotherapy line upcycled from the byproduct of the California wine industry. You can visit her shop located at the Seaside Makers Collective.

Seaside Makers Collective 209 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara