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Based in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara and surrounded by the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops and local attractions, the Haley Hotel is the ideal urban oasis. Our 17 room hotel offers contemporary, artistic and stylish accommodations in an unbeatable location. The brand new guestrooms feature modern furniture and artwork crafted by local artisans, bringing the soul of Santa Barbara into each room.

We are modern, clean, comfortable, California.

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Old image of Santa Barbara

Captain Haley

Haley Street and the Haley Hotel are named after the famous Captain Salisbury Haley. In 1850, Captain Haley was selected to survey Santa Barbara mapping the streets and land parcels we navigate today. As you explore Santa Barbara you may notice the crooked nature of our historic streets which some speculate may be a result of Haley using surveying chains mended with hide strips. Weather variations caused expansion and contraction that may have contributed to the crooked surveying. Others theorize that in an effort to pay tribute to our Chumash Indian history, Haley purposefully redirected some of the streets to point towards Chumash shrines along the hillside.

Although the full story remains a mystery, our hats are off to the ‘Crooked Captain’ and his part in laying the foundation of our beautiful city.